Dalton Road
Wisden Architects considered the configuration and form of the existing building in developing a range of options for client consideration. The result is an extension which is functional, comfortable and fun. The rooms are well lit, using sustainable materials which do not pollute.

“The innovation of Wisden Architects has really impressed us. Once a dark, soulless semi, the extension has converted this building into a bright cheerful home, modern yet comfortable.”

Modern Heritage Addition

Dudley House
Wisden Architects have a proven record in renovating heritage buildings and adding modern extensions which do not diminish the heritage qualities of the original building. Advice is provided on heritage requirements and procedures, buildings are evaluated to identify the most significant items and conservation work is documented and supervised on site. The heritage renovations and extensions provide comfortable spaces for modern lifestyles whilst complying with rigorous heritage requirements.

Modern Beachside

Wisden Architect’s brief was twofold:

  • increase the depth of the building by providing a pavilion extension
  • remove the Hawaiian shingles from the facade and add a Singapore style roof

“It is remarkable that a simple, refined extension can transform a house. We can now appreciate the spectacular view from all living areas. The dated 1960’s roof is replaced with an elegant facade that complements the streetscape.”

Inner City

Farrell House
The client required a cheerful modern extension to a traditional semi. Wisden Architects cleverly combined modern materials and colours which contrast yet complement the original Victorian details.

“I wanted something unconventional; I now have a bright, comfortable living space behind my Victorian facade.”

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Designed as a garden room, this simple extension is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic, Katachi whereby form, symmetry and craftsmanship create a building of beauty and functionality. Off axis to the original semi, the addition subdivides the garden into a series of courtyards, providing a sequence of changing vistas. This permits ventilation and solar access to modify climate extremes and allows light to penetrate into the dark, damp semi.

Garden Addition

The client”s request for a modern addition challenged Wisden Architects to demonstrate artistry and skill. Referencing the scale and for of the heritage cottage, this studio is designed as a simple , yet sophisticated architectural feature within the lush tropical garden.

“We love the combination of living areas blending  with garden and the  natural light, fresh air and a feeling of space.  The studio provides a beautiful and peaceful retreat, close enough to function as an extension of our house or a private place for visitors.”