Bishopsgate Housing

Wisden Architects maximise development without compromising design, privacy and views. Units are orientated to take advantage of views and passive solar design is used to provide controlled climates.

Strata Improvements

Many units comprise a series of box-like bedrooms which overlook blank walls and are poorly ventilated. Wisden Architects advise body corporates on unit enhancements removing view obstacles and creating open plan living areas to capture through- unit views and breezes.

“Wisden Architects” innovative open-plan renovation has been designed within the constraints of the block”s structure and is truly remarkable”.

Site Subdivison

Wisden Architects has a proven record in assisting small property investors to realise capital gain and increase rental returns through clever and stylish design improvements. With qualifications in architecture , project management and property analysis, our team provides a seamless service fro m project feasibility studies to site supervision.

“Approvals for land subdivision in established areas is difficult. Wisden Architects effectively managed the entire process. The dilapidated building is now replaced with contemporary semis which makes a positive contribution to the streetscape.”

Redan St Apartments

Wisden Architects design to minimise noise and privacy issues associated with multi-unit developments. Each unit is orientated to ensure privacy and the construction system and materials are selected to reduce noise transmission.

“These apartments seamlessly co-exist in a neighbourhood of detached homes. The design presents the apartments as a single dwelling. Our tenants never hear or see the occupants of the other apartments.”